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In 2009 I became a teacher, certified through the British Columbia College of Teachers. It was a long time coming. I had worked in many fields but working with people adds energy to my life where other careers took it away. I am an elementary school teacher working in School District 48, the Howe Sound area as well as North Vancouver School District 44 as a TTOC, or Teacher Teaching On Call. Last August 2009 I finished school and moved back to Squamish and in with my great friends Sonnie and Lydia, was hired in those two school districts and began a school year, my first, as a Sub. What a wild and crazy adventure that was, phone ringing at 6am and a friendly voice saying “Kindergarten in Pemberton” or “Grade 7 in North Van” and then off you go, flying into the dark rainy, snowy mornings down to North Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. Teaching is by far and away the most complex task I’ve ever found, considering the breadth of the content I might be teaching and the width of the age groups I might be working with. If you’re a teacher checking out this blog and are wondering if I might be a good fit in your classroom or school, please contact me through this blog, email or phone.

Phone #: 604 849 – 1760

Email: – or – – or –

March 10th 2011 – My six week contract at Brackendale Elementary School came and went and what a time of learning that was. Working as a Librarian part time was really interesting, it’s as big or small a job as you make it. The connection between the teachers, the students and literacy was something I hadn’t experienced before. Teaching grade 3 Thurs and Fridays was a real challenge, particularly with the different behavior issues in the class. I have a new found or strengthened respect for the problems some children face in the school environment or for learning in general. Have a great spring break NVSD44 and SD48!


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