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In 2002 I became a member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides as an Assistant Rock Guide.  After 5 years of constant, full time, seasonal guiding I upped my knowledge base by becoming a Full Rock Guide with the ACMG in 2007. Teaching someone to climb or guiding them through a new experience in climbing is a constant challenge and intensely interesting as an educator. Here your student is voraciously soaking up every word and action because with each they gain the tools and experience to get out and DO for themselves. As a guide I offer instructional courses, technique coaching and guided climbing experiences in arenas such as bouldering, single pitch sport and traditional climbs and multi pitch climbs. Whether it’s trying climbing out for the first time to see if you like it, being guided up some of Squamish’s most classic long free climbs such as Angel’s Crest, The Grand Wall or Freeway or learning the craft of protection placement and traditional leading, if you have the interest I can match it with the skills and the passion. I’m based out of Squamish, British Columbia where the climbing season stretches from April through to early October. Courses and guided days are booked on a first come first serve basis so call, email or comment through this blog to contact me.


Intro to Rock Climbing – an intro to the activity, learning belay skills, knot tying and doing some climbing.

Top Rope Anchors – focuses on using a variety of materials to construct bomber anchors and rappelling skills.

Sport Climbing – a day spent exploring the concept of sport climbing,  learning the skills needed to climb bolted pitches safely and doing some of your first real leads.

Intro to Traditional Climbing – ushers you into the world of Traditional climbing, looking at history, protection placement, leading strategies and doing your first mock or real traditionally protected leads.

Multi-pitch Climbing Skills – increases your knowledge of protection placement, anchor construction, rope management and preparedness in tackling longer climbing objectives.

Rock Rescue – goes hand in hand with multi pitch climbing, where the consequences of an accident are more serious. Learn preparation, escaping the belay, improvised raising, lowering and rope ascending systems as well as rappelling with an injured partner.

Movement Technique Courses – crack climbing, face climbing, slab climbing, bouldering, overhanging terrain and anything else imaginable movement based.

Summer Evening Sessions – $150/person – Take advantage of the long evenings right now and come up to Squamish for 4:30 or 5pm and climb until dark. The crags are empty, the walls are smooth sailing and it’s a great time to fit in some climbing or crack technique work after a day at work. Mid week and weekends until the light fades to black.


Through out the 2012 climbing season of I’ll be offering a few camps directed at improving climbing movement technique. These will primarily focus on crack climbing technique and individual climbs in the Squamish area that represent a standard in the grade as well as a good example of a certain crack technique. An example would be a day devoted to exploring finger crack climbing movement and what’s behind a successful ascent of the Squamish classic, Crime Of The Century. The day would finish with a gloves off session on the climb itself.

Check out Crack Technique Camp dates and Summer Evening Session dates on the Blog’s main page.


Personal coaching directed at your climbing is about creating a longer lasting relationship between a motivated recreational climber and a guide. Coaching works well but is not limited to technique and movement areas within climbing. Plans can be tailored to suit a diverse range of schedules, goals and motivation levels.

Private Guiding-

If finding partners is difficult because of time or life constraints, you’re new to the area or want to experience some of Squamish and beyond’s most classic routes before biting off some of your own then working with a guide might be the ticket. If this sounds like you drop me a line for the upcoming season.

Rates-  $350/day for Private Instruction and single pitch Guiding (2:1)

$400/day for 1:1 Private Multipitch Guiding up to 5.11a (for routes 5.11 and up please contact me by email)

$450/day for 2:1 Private Multipitch Guiding up to 5.11a (for routes 5.11 and up please contact me by email)

Phone – 604 849 – 1760

Email –


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