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Not completely sure why this page exists but I love coffee and have a simple espresso machine, my hearty ride through the pitfalls, valleys, draws and gulches of the caffeine landscape. My ride is a simple one, an Isomac Venus, single boiler, no heat exchanger, steams fair if you know what you’re doing, is finicky and inconsistent   with it’s espresso if you don’t know what you’re doing, overheats if you leave it on too long and is all gleaming stainless steel. Beauty. Her Companion, ours really, is a Rancillio Rocky grinder, no doser. Doubles as a dumb bell, is very consistent and workhorse like in its ability to keep on grinding shot after shot and not be the weak link in the espresso chain. I am, as you would expect, any human is. Us three, Myself, Venus and Rocky, wander the landscape of different coffees exploring what they have to offer and how good we can get and enticing what they have out of those pesky little brown beans. If you love coffee, want to dork out a bit, drop me a line.

Jan. 25th 2012 – OK! I finally waded my way through much mediocre, dark, oily, stale over roasted coffee. French pressing my way through pounds, stove topping my path through pounds and in the end, after it all, I’m very over the dark taste. The only bright light amongst it all was a half pound of a blend from Oso Negro, out of Nelson, BC. This one had spice, a few flavours and was pretty fresh. It disappeared very quickly and was replaced by a bag of arabica beans from Costa Rica, brought to me in the hands of the most beautiful woman ever. Maybe I was biased after that but it tasted a LOT better than any of the dark stuff. NOW I have a hopper full of Galileo’s Howe’s Espresso Blend and it’s great to have the machine back up and running. The shots are beaut! 


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    February 2, 2012 at 10:50 pm

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