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I’ve been climbing since 1994, when a friend convinced me to take a trad leading course with him…never mind that I had only belayed and climbing around 5 times in The Rockhouse, Vancouver’s first climbing gym. Flashing through the years, I let the mountain biking, skiing and everything else slip away and climbing took hold as the best thing I could possibly imagine doing, almost all of the time. The more I climb the more I feel that bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing, multi pitch climbing, big wall climbing, alpine climbing, free climbing, onsight climbing, red point climbing and soloing are just a few of the convenient boxes we use to help focus our energies on an area of the mountains that appeals to us most, at that particular time. Sometimes it’s the physical challenge, sometimes a mental challenge, a blend of both, an ego boost or an ego whipping. Whatever our reasons for pursuing each particular climb it becomes obvious the longer you climb and more great days you have out there away from everything else that it is most important who you climb WITH, not WHAT you climb.

As time progresses, there could be anything in this blog page – from route beta, to my ambitious tick list, dark and secret projects, recent accomplishments to brutal failures. There might be writing about routes or experiences that have made a real impression but probably not a tick list. Hopefully that will never make it’s way onto this blog. If you are curious about my personal climbing and what I’ve been up to, write me and we can meet and actually talk about it.


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  1. sweet blog dude, love the backround

    February 14, 2012 at 6:40 am

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