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Winter 2012 – Blowing out with a…

Winter, as 2012 knows it, is rapidly leaving us. It’s Christmas Day and the snow is flying again here in Squamish BC. I thought another wrap up was in order. This is starting to become my signature, wrap ups that record the happenings and thoughts of a certain amount of time that has passed. In my last post I ended with a few of the climbs that happened in our long long dry sunny end that was our Indian Summer, or just our blended Summer/Fall. After the rains began work increased for me, a great thing as an on call teacher in two school districts. A few jobs appeared in my home district which I applied for and low and behold, I was hired for one! Incredible! Unfathomable! No Way! Lucky! I say Intimidated! Scared! Excited!

I started teaching in Squamish Elementary on November 15th, and took the reigns of my own class of grade 2’s and 3’s. This was an exciting point in my teaching. Through out this school year I’m going to learn if I can lead a class of kids through a year of learning, measuring a fair few months in their young lives with me teaching, guiding, showing, illustrating, pleading, laughing, signing, directing, encouraging, motivating, disciplining and collapsing in a heap at the end of each day. The class is loud, unusually full of boys, energetic, bold, squirrely, creative and definitely able to push me to my limits before I have to figuratively push back. Only time will tell, as a friend of mine, Mr. J. Finlayson once said. Wish me luck? I won’t need it…

Meanwhile,  my partner hooked herself up with a new full time line in the Emergency Room of Lions Gate Hospital, more big changes. She just finished her paid for school at BCIT where she was making her nursing wage while taking courses. Hmm, seems like a proactive idea to motivate and lemd a hand to a young financially struggling workforce? She is now done and in the thick of it, literally. She lives by example, and I learn from her.

The start of the new year, 2013, also marks the start of a new chapter in the life of my heart. On Jan. 4th I’m getting a camera extended into my heart to explore around and determine what should be done about my Pulmonary Valve which is not working at 100% and also with the small hole between my atrium. While I don’t know the options, I do know that my life will be filled with adventures and activity. I need a solution that allows me to remain on rock walls, bleeding, getting scraped up, dirty and constantly pushing myself in physical, emotional and stressful ways. I need a solution that allows a lifetime more of days running in the snowy woods and skiing into the backcountry. I really don’t need a solution where I’m on heavy duty blood thinners for the rest of my days, at risk of bleeding out if I have an accident, or a solution where the new part must be replaced within a certain number of years or even of one where I must curtail my activities to fit the new part. Here’s hoping…

This photo is of our little gem, The Grand Wall Bouldering Co-op. This place is really really keeping me happy this winter, with great times with Jamie, Israel, Matt, Adam, Al, Taran, Sebastien to name a few. Let’s keep it up in there!

Our cold fridge of amazing moves

Our cold fridge of amazing moves

Merry Christmas to all out there who’ve read this, I hope your year has been one of more motivation and triumph than defeat and regression. Let’s let 2013 come down upon us in an inspired way.

PS-I’ll try to get some images up, the top of the Chief is a site to behold right now, especially from right on top. Jer


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