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What have I done?

Two weeks after that mysterious blog post where I had just arrived BACK in the Valley after working there, was picked up by my Pal Jesse and was endeavoring to climb The Freerider on El Cap…I’m back in Monsoon torn Squamish wish tens of millimeters falling from the skies. I’m not going to drawl on and on about what gaston was sick and which way I took the jammity jim jam. We climbed Freerider without weighting the rope leading or following each pitch over four days. Here’s a pic from the El Cap Report to prove it. It was an insane project from the start but slowly shrank in intimidation with the help of Jesse’s morale, which was very very high. So much work, such amazing climbing, such amazing stone and all with a good pal. Tops in climbing! Now, how to deal with being home in a rainy rainy Squamish Spring with this new motivation…Thanks Mr. Evans for the photo of us leading and thanks to Jesse for snapping a few more so we had a tiny bit of proof that we’d been up there.


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