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Back in The Valley…

One week after arriving back in BC, after getting the bus El Monstro and all 10 students back safely, after climbing 6 days in the valley on amazing long classic routes, after predawn starts, many instant coffees, sneaky showers and crumby pizza deck crust piles it’s home to sunny Squamish I go. What a place when the sun shines. I climbed two days at Horne Lake with Mandoline and Will S and explored the amazing new lines on the Boss Wall. Hats off to Renee for the hard work and vision to put those lines up, and the climbers who came before opening up the initial lines. Canada’s little piece of Spanish limestone. A few more days in Squamish spent climbing at the newly minted Quercus Cliff above Lakeside By the Woods with Mandoline and before I know it I’m back on a plane to San Francisco, picked up by Jesse Huey at midnight and bivi-ing in the van, a huge challenge looming in the distance. Hard times leaving my Little Beauty, hopefully I’ll see her down here in Yosemite soon enough.

Jesse and I are going to try our damnedest to climb The Freerider on El Cap, a variation to The Salathe Wall, a long classic free climb of immeasurable quality and difficulty. This is really just the warm up for free climbing routes on El Cap but for us the only place to start. First day in the Valley with fuzzy tired heads felt fine because of the rain pouring down. The forecast, however, looks good coming up…


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  1. Sounds awesome, but no stops in Nanaimo, eh?!

    June 5, 2012 at 9:35 pm

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