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May 6th – A true rest day, laundry, pool, Internet and bouldering…

Last night we did a big grocery shop in Redmond and then hit up La Burrita. This gas station come Mexican cantina has been recommended to me by many many people over the years jet I had never gone. We showed up around 8 and everyone poured out of the bus and overloaded the poor lady with our dinner orders. This lady was the only chef and she called in her father, I think, to el her out. The place was a great cross between eating in a family’s kitchen and a gas station burrito joint. Tamales, burritos, tacos, flautas, frijoles, they had everything and it was incredibly cheap and really good.

Slept in a bit the next morning, the morning of the 6th, and then grabbed a coffee and an orange and dragged Sean down to the boulders across the bridge in the park. Sean is a student on the program, is a strong climber in the group and is also the tallest person I’ve ever met. Six foot seven, holy Jesus. We had a short morning session before our group morning meeting and played around on the sharp greasy blocks of the Picnic Lunch Wall. It may not have been Bishop, but it was great to massage the stones a bit, as Georg Jost would say and move a bit with the muscles instead of the feet. The weather is getting much better today and onwards so hopefully the freezing winds will shove off and make way for warm sunshine. Yosemite is looking like 75 – 80 degrees next week so we better have our sunscreen. The students are getting more dialed in pre planning, route finding and thinking on their own feet on the last day’s routes, a good sign for what’s to come in the Valley…


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