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May 4th – Multi pitch Day #1 in Smith Rocks

Today dawned cold and cloudy, with only hints of sun. Myself and three students went to do a multipitch, the first multipitch many of these students have done in a year, the first of their season. Our plan was Sky Chimney, 5.7 three pitches and we were packed ready to go the evening before. The route had a bolted chimney complete with knobs and pockets and two pitches of lay backing which widened a bit in spots. Yannis, Thompson and Martin did a bang up job of leading, placing good gear and building solid anchors, albeit very slowly. You never can be too careful placing gear in this strange Welded Tuff volcanic rock down here. The day, which had started sunny-ish became cloudy and very windy and cold so we finished the rappels off and headed for the Dihedrals where it was warmer and more sheltered. We lead a few more 5.7’s, one of which was a bit wide and caused Yannis to alternately swear off climbing and love it. Overall a successful day, with some solid base skills by the students. Tomorrow more multipitch…


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