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Coming Down the Pipe for the Month of April – Crack Climbing Camps

I know it’s been too long since I posted but to be honest, I didn’t have much to report. I’ve been teaching a lot, with many days spent in Kindergarten. How about we talk Crack Climbing? The topic of crack climbing got me thinking about holding some Crack Climbing Camps and Trad Leading courses early this season, April to be exact. If you’re a climber and wanted to get after it this season, learning trad skills or working on your crack climbing technique, one of these 2 day courses might be for you. The Crack Climbing Camps are two focused days of coaching on –  movement, body position, hand positions and rest positions to bulk up the climber’s bag of tricks when it comes to climbing cracks. We’ll work on slabby tips to chimney work, from tight hands to rattly fingers. April 2012 Crack Camps

If this sounds like just the ticket as an early season kick to your climbing, drop me an email, a call or a comment on my blog for more information. These courses are on a first come first serve basis and are obviously weather dependent so details may change as we get closer to the dates.

I got over to Victoria in January to check out the new addition to Stelly’s “The Boulders” climbing gym in Saanich, BC. This is the highest gym in Canada and an incredible facility for lead climbing. It is, by any stretch of the imagination, the third best crag in BC. The Chief, Horne Lake and then “The Boulders” at Stelly’s Highschool. This is the facility where our Junior National Team trains as well as a new Climbing Academy Program in the highschool itself. Students get credit in grades 9-12 for climbing instruction, learning everything from technique coaching to routesetting, to outdoor skills like trad leading and multipitch. With a 65 foot high gym and professional coaching and instruction, these kids will be the future….

The Winter seemed to be poised to go big but then…miraculously we started to get a few dry days. That was all I needed to keep the home fires burning for dry days on the rock yet to come. Had some excellent days in the Bluffs climbing some of the more bizarre and magical slab routes at Penny Lane. VIMFF also helped, thanks to all who helped make that happen. Hayden Kennedy and Jason Kruk’s show on the finale night was awesome, an articulate explanation of their experience in Patagonia this winter. RAH!

BUT – this post has more to do with what’s coming up than what has happened already. March 1-4 I’m headed down to Joshua Tree for a long weekend of Granite Classics. I won’t lie, Figures On A Landscape is our goal and I think both Gary Kaufman and I are up to it. After that it’s home for a week and then blast off for Indian Creek for a two week Springbreak rock down. I can not wait, but I have to.

For Feb 22 2012, that’s all for now…


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  1. Thanks for the plug, Jer! You and Mandoline are welcome back to the Boulders any time! When people think about education, we’re a great example of how a not-for-profit society can partner with a school district to create opportunities for student-centered learning… I really hope we’re creating healthy and empowered members of our society.

    February 24, 2012 at 12:29 am

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