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December in Squamish-The Magic Begins…

So it’s back to dark, wet, cold, frozen, icey, snowy, muddy, slippery, windy, misty, drizzly Squamish and this has been the common evening vista over the past two weeks. Not bad! The bluffs and blocks have been surprisingly dry despite heavy heavy frost every morning. Time for the tech of slab aretes, slopey rails, wide pinches and smears that feel like standing on the ground. One warm up burn on a fine crack like Werewolves of London in Penny Lane and then it’s straight onto the improbable and implausible Primary Perception. First put up by Andrew Boyd, our local magician, this arete is like attempting a Mensa puzzle with your body. Above is the view as Peter Winter and I walked back to the van after a huge session of 3 whole pitches. Insane! With the forecast looking pretty good for the next week there should be some excitement in the Bluffs and Boulders yet…


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