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Summer and Fall Collide!!!!!!!!!

While Summer is tryin to get it’s last gasps in to keep us sane and happy, Fall is slowly but surely edging her way into our slow dance, like a vixen trying to steal your boyfriend. The mornings are cool, the days are HOT, the evenings are short and when dark, it’s cool again, cooler than it should be for 30 degrees today. Here’s a few pics from my insanely busy 2011 Rock Guiding season. These were taken by Dede, the beautiful and talented wife of Guy, my guest for the Grand, Freeway and Alaskan Highway. That was a season highlight so far. I’ve been fitting in climbing but I really have to work right now, and several of my bestest Climbing partners have split, a sad fact of life as the seasons change. Jesse Huey, Tim Emmet and Evan Stevens I salute you all. Still a few projects left to turn up the power for and a few guiding objectives left that will make this season an unbelievable one in which I’ve had the pleasure to climb with the talented likes of Simon, Colin, Gary, Nate and Guy. Polaris, Alaskan Highway, Freeway, The Grand Wall, Perspective and Sentry Box, Milk Road, Rainy Day Woman and The Upper Black Dyke have been our objectives, and they were all perfect. Summer’s not over yet…and Fall is the BEST time. Everyone knows that.


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