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The Universe has a Sense of Humour…

Friendly British Airways Check In Lady – “I’m sorry Mr. Blumel, your flight has been over sold and there are, at present, no seats available on the aircraft.”

Jeremy – “uhhhhhhh…………………ok, right, uh, what does that exactly mean?”

The nice lady went on to explain that airlines oversell the seats so that, because of the high number of no shows, the planes fly as full as possible. Interesting, so it obviously backfires sometimes and this was one of those times. I sat there wondering how I was going to get home and really not wanting to bivi on the cold marble floors of Heathrow Airport. The Nice Lady, note capitals now, came back and explained British Airways was VERY sorry for the bobble but…(here it comes I thought…)…would I like to stay in the Heathrow Radisson Hotel a short bus journey away, enjoy dinner and breakfast on them, a squeeze onto the same flight the next day and 525 pounds compensation money as an apology?




“ya, Ya, Yes that sounds er, um, adequate, thank you very much, but don’t let it happen again.”


So here I am after an amazing dinner, several Guinesses, football watching, sleep, an epic breakfast and now off to Heathrow to see if I can get on the plane this time or get put up again…just kidding. The perfect end to an emotional rollercoaster of a trip.



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