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Why events happen in our lives is one of the eternal questions Human Beings have asked themselves since coming on the scene. Maybe events are all out of our control, happening of their own volition, of the universe’s design, while we attempt to enforce a template of purpose upon them? Does every tiny, infinitesimal decision, act and reaction from us slowly weave the fabric setting those events in motion? Take a negative view of things and the Universe stoically conspires against us, controlling the revolving door of life all around us or even worse spiting us for poor acts we’ve committed. Karma? Take a positive view and everything that could possibly happen to you happens for the most perfect of all possible reasons, life an endless field of opportunities in which nothing is wasted because something else more interesting and wondrous is just around the corner. It could be I’m restating the thoughts of Rousseau there, I’ll have to have a philosopher check.

The reason for this post is depth and closure. The trip I’m on is nearing an end, the climbing has been more interesting than I’d imagined, the people I’ve met and been a part of have been the best part and the community surrounding climbing here is really special. The trip began with a friend’s near miss and the slow road that thankfulness takes. Then all the emotions that followed, great days out with new friends and then true sadness when a well loved member of the climbing community died following a tragic climbing accident, absolutely random and truly impossible to predict. This kind of accident could happen to any climber, but that point of view is difficult to believe from the inside. Surrounded by grief and loss – is climbing a selfish act that puts us, needlessly, in the firing line or does it add tangible value to every moment in our lives because you never know what will happen or when? Thoughts go out to everyone involved, I know that this excellent community of people can speed the healing process along for those most effected.


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