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Excitement, Saddness and a lot of Luck

Less than 12 hours after arriving back in Vancouver from Joshua Tree California, I was off again on a plane from Seattle to the UK, or Bristol more exactly. It has been an SAD, intense mix with many thoughts going out to Andrew, wherever he chills out now I hope there’s plenty of amazing rock to climb and alpine routes to get lost in. The loss of a new but none the less dear friend is difficult to know how to deal with and I think only time will let me know it. The LUCK comes in with a great pal who cheated death recently, and I am very glad he did, and is so very trixy, that little devil. Loss and close to losing sometimes feel the same in the moments between all the comings and goings of our daily lives. I’m here to climb with Tim Emmett, Hazel Findlay and whoever else is available on this risky late winter climbing mission in the UK. That’s the EXCITING part, a whole host of types of rock, styles of climbing, challenges and fun times in store, if I survive Emmett’s driving…


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