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The Speed of Life = Lifespeed

So here’s a post after quite a break.I don’t think anyone reads this, and that’s ok, it’s becoming a bit of an experiment in technology, diary writing, compiling personal history and getting my word out there, wherever there is. Since the ski trip and the New Year, much has happened. Here’s the short list:

  1. I’m working in Brackendale Elementary School as a part time Librarian 3 days a week and a full time grade 3 teacher Thurs and Fri. Riding my bike to school has been one of the highlights, as is meeting some committed staff and interesting kids. I’ve learned a bit about how difficult it is for some kids to learn and that everyone deserves empathy for their situation.
  2. I’ve been judging films this past weekend, Feb. 11-13th, for the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, VIMFF, it’s running until Sat. Feb. 19th. I’ve watched approximately 2 days of films showing the best climbing, riding, skiing, boarding, boating, paddling, swimming and environmentally urgent issues and by Sunday Feb.13th I was TIRED! Go check out this local festival, most of the films are excellent. Will Stanhope and Jasmin Caton are both presenting shows on Sat. Feb. 19th and I know without a shadow of a doubt,  that the night will be VERY entertaining.
  3. I have a trip planned to Joshua Tree National Park for a weekend in March, flying down with aspiring Granite lover Gary Kauffman, staying in a hotel and exploring the perfect cracks and slabs with Gary. There are around 5000 routes in Josh so we’re going to have to be picky and I think we’ll both learn quite a bit.
  4. The Grand Finale is that the day after I get home from Joshua Tree I drive with my partner down to Seattle where I fly to the UK with the refined gentleman William Stanhope. That’s right, we’re heading to England to climb some Gritstone, God’s tiny little cliff band that runs through out the UK. If the weather’s not cool and sticky there then it’s off to Fontainbleau for us, picking up beautiful and talented Hazel Findley along the way. Our ambassador, provided by the UK, is Tim Emmet. This trip is going to be the Dog’s Bollocks, we’re going to ‘av IT!”
  5. We have a CAT now! Yes, it’s true, my partner and I headed to the SPCA on a whim last weekend and got an 8 month old feral cat we have named Nova. She’s beautiful but very wild and scared right now.

So there is the next 1.5 months, with all the hours in between filled with work, climbing and running around in the woods. The weather, as of 3:53 pm on Tues. Feb. 15th/2011 is absolutely pouring so running around in the rain and mud is becoming a releasing activity. Off to the woods and into the rain…


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