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The Year 2011… VMT

Began with the best skiing of my entire life! A huge thanks to Jasmin and Evan for making it happen at their incredible ski touring lodge in the Kootneys, Valhalla Mountain Touring. To see more of this lodge check out- A group of us skied for 6 days in deep amazing pow in sun and perfectly cold dry temps. I’m no pro tele’er but this was so good it ruined my desire to ski back here on the coast. Dec. 31st we even got to summit Rugged Peak and bask on top in the sun. As soon as Evan pointed out the Howser Towers, however,  way over in the ‘Bugs that were visible from the peak, I couldn’t drop my eyes from them. Here are some pics, I hope you enjoy.

The start of our climb to Rugged Peak's summit on Dec. 31st 2010.

Skinning up under stormy skies.

Blue Bird travel

Jer shredding the Pow

Looking at Little Sister from Rugged Peak's summit.

Wallowing upwards...

Mountaineer Mandoline

Happy New Year from the summit of Rugged Peak!

The run down from Rugged's summit=not shabby.


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