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A Coffee Tour, Bouldering Mission and City Adventure…

I’d been home for approximately one month, working and training. Work as a Teacher On Call had been pretty good, with some crazy days teaching Kindergarten, upper Intermediate (gr. 6 and 7) and even a stint in gr. 10 – 12 Art at Howe Sound Secondary. Energy levels have been great after a month trip to Greece sport climbing on some of the best limestone on the Earth. I’ve been training in the Grandwall Bouldering Coop quite a bit since returning from Greece, so the climbing is feeling quite good. Christmas has been fast approaching when out of nowhere a chance to escape for a quick 10 days to California appeared. My well installed guilt complex, odd for a climber, kept me wrestling with the idea of leaving for Cali so close to my last adventure in Greece and so close to Christmas, money and all. Insanity ensued as I wrestled with whether to go or not. In the end, you live only once in this body, or so some say, and I was only missing one week of the school year, my girlfriend GRACIOUSLY understood and even encouraged my going even though she had to work at home and couldn’t come and here I sit in a coffee shop in San Francisco. This might seen confusing when I was just talking about rock climbing, let me explain. I traveled down here to San Fran with one of my best Pals, accompanying him on an academic conference he was going to. My role was to tour around San Fran tasting from the incredible coffee joints that inhabit the city and explore Castle Rock State Park, a local bouldering area made slightly popular by Chris Sharma. Come Tuesday, the conference being over, we’ll head to Bishop to massage a few beautiful hold in the Buttermilks before heading home for Christmas. We are very lucky boys.



Well, we made it to Bishop over an 11 hour snow/van dance and climbed for 2 cold and crisp days. Uncharacteristically, the weather crapped out and we ran for home. Ah well, we massaged a few stones, saw some incredible problems and drank some inspired coffees. We also raided a Trader Joes for chocolaty treats for our epic drive home and found out that Yorkshire Tea with Milk is the perfect road drink- thanks Tim.


Breakfast at The Blue Bottle in the Mint Plaza

The standard order at The Blue Bottle, oh the lines are long...

Outside The Blue Bottle in SF

The ever stylish Blue Bottle in the Mint Plaza

Ritual Coffee's Macchiato

Staring into a perfect Ritual Coffee Macchiato


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