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Chaos Theory

The past week, this week and the coming week are going to be a model in scheduled insanity. After finishing the past 2 weeks of guiding work with Thompson River University I started ramping up the packing of our rental suite in preparation for moving into our NEW 3 Bedroom Condo in Amblepath, a development in Squamish. All has to be out of the suite before September 30th but we don’t get the keys to our new place until October 2nd. Problem. Where do we store our stuff? Where do we stay? Luckily some great friends lent space in their garages for our tiny amount of stuff and our tired weary bodies until moving day. To make matters more bizarre, I’m away in Smith Rocks in Oregon this weekend while my partner moves all our junk into the new haus. School has also started here in Squamish’s School District 48 so new Teacher on Call cards have been printed and distributed out so I’ll hopefully be a busy Substitute teacher this year. Splitter weather over the next few days also means that guiding may have a bit of an explosion? Finally, all this has a predetermined end as Mandoline and I are heading to Greece, to the island of Kalymnos for a month long climbing holiday on October 10th. So excited, a new home of our own and then the first climbing holiday I’ve had in years…like so long that I can’t remember what a plane feels like to ride in. Till then it’s packing, moving, cleaning, guiding, teaching and training. Maybe some climbing if I can fit it in.


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